How much does dental work cost in Toronto?


Dental work can often vary massively in cost, depending on the dental practice, as well as your individual insurance plan. 

If you have a good dental plan the majority of the costs are likely to be covered by them. 

However if this is not the case when an individual may have to set up a payment plan or figure out their own out-of-pocket financing. 

In order to understand how much you should pay for your treatments, patients can consult the Ontario Dental Association (for Ontario) as each province implements its own fee guide for certain procedures. 

This being said, there is no fixed price for dental treatments. 


Dental Procedure in Toronto, Ontario

The ODA publishes a Suggested Fee Guide for General Practitioners

With this guide, dentists may be able to give you a cost estimate before a check up. 

However, you’ll need an in-person exam before your dentist can accurately tell you how much a procedure will cost. 

If for whatever reason, you believe the cost to be too high, patients are more than welcome to request a secondary referral from another dentist.


The cost of dentistry in Toronto

While costs will vary from practice to practice, as an average, a large tooth filling will cost around $300, while a small tooth will cost $80 (for silver amalgam) and around $200 (for a white filling). 

On another note, a root canal may cost around $800 and a dental crown can be up to $1500. 

The initial exam itself will also cost, and can range from $70 for children and $130 for adults, while a tooth extraction starts from $130.


Dentistry in Toronto

Dental treatments are costly, but oral health is important. It affects everyday life from social to work aspects. 

However, there are several free treatments you can do at home! 

Brush twice a day, floss and rinse, regulate what you eat and drink plenty of water, and you can ensure that expensive trips to the dentist are few and far between!

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