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Root Canal Treatment Toronto’s Expert Dr. Aksana Tkachenko

Before you say anything, we already know that you'd rather not have a root canal. However, root canals are often a necessary evil, used to either save or reinforce a severely decayed or diseased tooth.
Fortunately, here at Chroma Dental, Dr. Aksana Tkachenko has performed thousands of successful root canal procedures carried out over her 25+ years in the field of dentistry.

With expert skills and a calm, gentle demeanour, Dr. Aksana and her team are sure to make your next root canal procedure as straightforward, pain-free, and comfortable as possible.

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What Exactly Is a Root Canal?

Below, we'll explain how a root canal procedure is performed so that you can know what to expect during your appointment.

  • First, the patient will be given either a mild sedative or a local anesthetic to help keep them comfortable throughout the procedure.
  • A dental dam will then be used to isolate the affected tooth.
  • The tooth's top crown will then be drilled out, allowing your dentist to remove the infected pulp of the tooth.
  • The infected roots of the tooth are then cleaned and treated to eliminate the presence of any bacteria.
  • At this point, a temporary filling is usually placed in the tooth to protect it while it heals.
  • A few days to a few weeks later, a second appointment will be scheduled, during which time the root of the tooth will be permanently filled and sealed with a crown.

Root Canal Treatment FAQs - Root Canal Therapy Services in Toronto


Why is it called root canal therapy?

It is called a root canal because your dentist will essentially be drilling out and removing the root of your tooth. The root canal will be emptied of any infected pulp and then filled in with an appropriate dental material.

Why do I need a root canal?

Typically, a root canal is required when there's already a significant amount of inflammation and infection in the tooth.

This is usually the result of severe tooth decay, where bacteria have already made their way deeper into the tooth's center, known as the pulp. If this infection or inflammation is not treated promptly with root canal therapy, the issue will persist and develop into a large, painful abscess.

Alternately, a root canal may also be needed when your dentist has already performed multiple restorative procedures on a tooth

How much does a root canal cost?

Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, root canal therapy can cost anywhere between $750 and $2,500. This usually includes the cost of any sedative or local anesthetics and the filling materials, and pain medication needed post-procedure.

In some cases, your dental insurance may be able to help you with the cost of the procedure.

Will I need a dental crown after root canal therapy?

Yes, because the tooth has been drilled and emptied, a crown is an integral part of the root canal process. The crown will offer both protection and strength to the tooth's structure. Without this, the tooth will be weak and prone to breaking, chipping, or cracking, requiring the tooth to be extracted.

CHROMA DENTAL has been a trusted provider of root canal services in North York, Toronto, for many years. To learn more about our advanced dental care procedures, don't hesitate to call us today!

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Is root canal therapy painful?

While you may experience some minor discomfort, your dentist will ensure that you do not feel any pain during the procedure. Dr. Aksana and her team are guaranteed to offer a completely safe and gentle root canal treatment that won't feel any worse than having a minor cavity filled.

In addition to local anesthetic, we also offer sedation dentistry to keep you as comfortable as possible from beginning to end.

What is emergency root canal therapy?

The substance found inside each of your teeth is a combination of nerve tissue and small blood vessels.

Therefore, when a tooth gets badly infected by bacteria, the infection can eventually breach through the tooth's enamel and can spread to the softer, inner layer, known as dentin. If unaddressed, the infection will eventually penetrate even deeper into the tooth’s pulp.

In turn, this can lead to painful infection that could form into an abscess, which will begin to quickly damage any surrounding gum and bone tissue.
When an abscess has occurred, an emergency root canal will be required to save as much of the tooth and its surrounding tissue as possible.

What happens if the infection isn't treated?

As mentioned, an untreated infection will lead to an abscess or cyst, a large pocket of disease, which will eventually spread into the surrounding tissue.

In other cases, trauma to a tooth can also cause the pulp to die or become necrotic. In this case, the blood supply to the tooth may be affected, resulting in a root canal's need to save the tooth.

Mild to severe swelling, redness, and a fever are all signs of a severe infection, which needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Will my insurance cover my root canal?

Fortunately, most insurance plans cover endodontic procedures as a basic restorative service, which means that your insurance should cover the procedure's cost. However, other plans may have root canal therapies listed as a "Major" dental procedure.
Your dentist can perform most root canals. For more complex infections, you may be referred to see an endodontic specialist for the procedure.
In either case, you'll need to check with your insurance provider to see if your policy covers root canal therapy.

With that said, root canal procedures can be expensive, especially if the infection has already had a chance to spread to surrounding tissue. Therefore, we recommend contacting your insurance provider to determine how much is covered and what you'll need to pay out of pocket.

Regardless, when you have an infection in your mouth, it must be treated as soon as possible.
The longer you wait, the worse it will get, which will cost more and require more invasive remedial treatments.

That's why it's essential to visit your dentist regularly for routine checkups and to always keep your smile looking its best all year long!


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