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Children's Dentistry

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We know that the best way to grow healthy smiles is to take care of your teeth, starting from day one!

That’s why we’re the BIGGEST experts on the LITTLEST teeth in Toronto and surrounding areas!

Here at Chroma Dental, we’re devoted to being a child-friendly practice so that we can help take care of the whole family. Our dentists and hygienists are trained in a variety of kid-friendly dental practices to provide oral care to children of all ages.

We know that seeing a dentist can seem scary for some children.

Which is exactly why we offer a variety of kid-friendly dental services, ranging from basic checkups and cleanings, all the way through to gentle sedation.


Our Specialist

Here at Chroma Dental, we’re proud to say that our team leader, Dr. Aksana Tkachenko is trained in comprehensive dental care for children.


Come on in, and have a look around!

Do not come to see a dentist – come to watch your favorite DISNEY movie!

Our team of dentists and hygienists are always here, ready to welcome you with a smile, and to keep you and your children as comfortable as possible.

We’ve taken steps to ensure that our dental office is purpose-built to help kids of all ages feel welcome.

Don’t be shy! Schedule an appointment now!


As one of the region's leading dentistry practices, Chroma Dental's primary goal and vision is to serve our patients with the best dental care currently available in the GTA.
Not only does this mean that we strive to offer a pleasant experience to each patient, but we are also committed to treating them using cutting edge tools and techniques, as well as educating them on the best ways to care for their teeth.
In other words, we strive to make every visit to our office as safe, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible.


Complimentary consultation


Convenient service hours


no referral necessary


Flexible payment plans


25+ years of practice


2021 New Modern Dental Studio


Exceptionally COVID-19 SAFE Dental Experience


NETFLIX movies and Cold Beverages


0% Bacterial Growth Surfaces


All Services Provided According Guidance RCDSO


IPAC Standarts of Dental Equipment (Non touch technology)


Free Visitor Parking


A Team You Can Count On

This is precisely why Dr. Aksana Tkachenko's team is highly skilled and dedicated to you, our valued patient, at all times.

From our friendly, professional dentists, hygienists, assistants, and the rest of our staff, everyone in our practice is committed to their role in providing you with an extremely enjoyable experience when you come in for a visit.

We take care of our team, so they can work tirelessly to make Chroma Dental the go-to dental clinic in the region when it comes to friendly, professional oral care.


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