What are the advantages and disadvantages of veneers?


When it comes to restoring the health and vitality of your smile, veneers are one of the best and least invasive treatment options available. 

Essentially, a veneer can be used to fix crooked teeth, replace missing teeth, fill gaps in between teeth, reverse discoloration, repair chips, cracks and more. 

This is done by bonding the veneer to your existing teeth, simultaneous fixing these problems, and giving you a brand new, pearly white smile! 

However, depending on the health of your existing smile, veneers aren’t always a suitable solution. 

Let’s take a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of veneers, to help you get a better idea of whether or not veneers are right for you. 


What are the advantages of veneers? 

Compared to other smile restoration treatments, one of the biggest advantages offered by a veneer is that it can instantly transform the look and feel of your smile, while perfectly imitating the appearance of enamel. 

In fact, porcelain almost has the same level of translucency as enamel, which means that it’s often extremely hard to tell that a person has veneers. 

Another big advantage of veneers is that they are more permanent and more durable than other smile restoration methods, such as dental bonding or crowns. 

Porcelain is actually one of the strongest dental materials we have, which means you can rest assured knowing your new smile is going to last for many years to come! 

Finally, unlike tooth enamel, porcelain veneers are completely stain-resistant! 


What are the disadvantages of veneers?  

On the other hand, not every patient is going to be suitable to receive veneers. 

In fact, an individual will not be eligible for veneers if they have severe dental decay, gum disease, or any other underlying structural damage to their teeth or jaw. 

These issues will need to be addressed first before a patient will be considered for the procedure. 

Additionally, although veneers are less invasive than dental implants, they are still more invasive than other basic restoration procedures such as dental bonding. 

And lastly, because veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure, they are often considerably more expensive and not often covered by dental insurance plans. 

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