What procedures are considered orthodontic?


When it comes to fixing and aligning crooked teeth and bites, there are many orthodontic procedures available, such as: 

  • Braces
  • Headgear
  • Jaw Surgery
  • Palatal Expansion

If you’re experiencing issues with your bite, alignment, or jaw, consider speaking to an orthodontist about your options.


What do braces fix?

For visibly crowded or crooked teeth, an orthodontist will recommend braces. 

Braces straighten and align teeth for a better bite and overall oral health and appearance. 

Most people get braces when they’re young, however, adults can benefit from them too! 

While they can be uncomfortable at first, most people adjust to braces within one or two weeks. 

Many orthodontists now offer great, affordable options for braces including, invisible braces


What is orthodontic headgear?

Headgear is a device that’s worn on the head and uses force to adjust and correct a patient’s bite. 

In general, younger patients often wear headgear. The reason for this is because it assists with the development of jaw and bone growth. 

It’s important to listen to an orthodontist’s recommendations for wearing headgear. 

After all, every patient is different! 

An orthodontist will recommend the correct hours per day and for how long a patient should wear their headgear. 


What is jaw surgery?

An orthodontist can recommend jaw surgery for many reasons including:

  • Improve chewing and swallowing
  • Reduce breakdown and wear of teeth
  • To correct an under or overbite
  • Create facial or oral symmetry 
  • Help the lips to close more comfortably
  • Pain relief for jaw issues and injuries

An orthodontist will not perform the jaw surgery. He or she will work closely with a maxillofacial surgeon to identify the best procedure. 


What is palatal expansion? 

Patients with a smaller upper jaw will often receive a palatal expansion. 

The purpose of palatal expansion is to widen the upper jaw. This will make it so that it will be properly aligned with the lower jaw and teeth.

This orthodontic procedure is usually most beneficial for children before their jaws have fully grown. 

Adults can benefit from palatal expansion as well. However, the procedure is more complex and usually takes a lot longer.


What are the benefits of orthodontic procedures?

The most common oral procedures that are considered orthodontic include, braces, headgear, jaw surgery, and palatal expansion. 

While some people might consider these procedures time-consuming, or difficult, the end result offers a multitude of benefits. 

Patients will experience a healthier bite, not to mention a more beautiful smile.

So get involved with your oral care! Learn more about orthodontic procedures by contacting Chroma Dental to schedule a free consultation.