What to do if I can’t afford a dentist?


Without insurance coverage, unfortunately, patients often have no choice but to pay for their dental procedures out of pocket. In some cases, your dental care provider may offer payment plans or reduced rates. However, this isn’t always an option. 

Obviously, dental operations can often be time consuming and expensive. 

However, many operations will be covered by your own health insurance so be sure to check with your insurer before agreeing to any expenses. 

In serious cases, it is advised to go to the ER in which head trauma or unbearable pain have occurred. 

But for non-serious cases you should always go to your own dentist. 

In most instances in Canada, dental plans are provided for by insurance companies who reimburse the patient, depending on the coverage they collect.


But what if I don’t have coverage or my plan doesn’t cover it?

It is up to the individual what treatments they decide to undergo, not what their plan covers. Therefore, while some costs may be covered, other procedures, such as cosmetic dental procedures, will not.  

If a procedure is outside your plan, your insurer has no obligation to cover the cost. If it is covered, then in most cases, you can ask your dentist to speak with your insurance company directly. 

This is often an easier way for patients to deal with payments as the company shall establish how much they will cover for you to pay the rest. 

The fear of expensive treatments often has people suffering in silence about tooth pain. This can lead to patient dread over the inability to pay medical bills. 

Fortunately, most often, you still have options!


Are there payment options available for dental care?

If your plan does not cover the cost, or you cannot pay the fee upfront please speak to your dentist about creating a payment plan. 

If this is not an option, there are two more options available. 

Firstly, apply to social service agencies to find out whether you qualify for government funded dental care. If you do not however, dental schools are your next best bet! 

Here, senior students are able to provide a service at a reduced cost compared to a normal practice.

While the cost may seem high, it is a fundamental role in society that we all need! 


How can I avoid expensive dental bills?

Ask yourself, do I floss regularly, do I brush twice a day, how does my diet impact my teeth? 

Reflect on these and ensure you follow your dentists’ guidelines and you will hopefully never have to come in for emergency dental work! 

Sometimes, this can’t be avoided, but we hope to do everything in our power to reduce it! 

For immediate help with your dental emergencies in Toronto, Ontario, don’t hesitate to contact the dental experts here Chroma Dental.