Why do root canals take two visits

When a root canal is performed, the initial visit is typically to remedy the pain by removing the infection and any infected tissue surrounding the area. The root of the tooth is then filled and the surface is finished to mimic your existing teeth.

Afterwards, a second visit to the dentist may be needed to fill and finish the tooth to make it resemble a natural tooth.

In other words, not ever root canal procedure will require a secondary visit.

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What is a Root Canal?

Sometimes the pulp (dental tissue) and/or nerve of a patient’s tooth become infected. 

In this situation, a dentist will perform a procedure known as a root canal. 

The purpose of a root canal is to prevent further damage to the tooth and surrounding tissue, and to help maintain its usual function. 

A dentist will often perform a root canal in two stages. 

To remedy the pain and infection, your dentist will first remove the infected pulp and/or nerve. He or she will also clean and fill the tooth. 

If the dentist needs to cap or crown the tooth, a second visit is required.

Since the inner root and nerve of the tooth have been removed, this is sometimes required to help the tooth maintain its strength and integrity.

Looking for tooth pain relief?

Many dental patients worry that a root canal is going to be painful, which is often why they’ve put off seeing their dentist in the first place. 

However, the most painful part of a root canal is the infection, not the procedure itself.

And then, in as little as two visits you can once again live your life, without tooth pain.

So, if you’re experiencing tooth pain or have noticed that one of your teeth is starting to become discolored, you might be in need of a root canal.

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