Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Toronto


Wisdom tooth removal is a common problem for many adults; however, modern dental technologies can painlessly solve this issue in as little as one dental visit.

Modern dental technologies can painlessly solve this issue in as little as one dental visit.

What are wisdom teeth?

Situated in a very back of the human jaw, wisdom teeth are also called “third molars”. While some people lack them altogether, these teeth most commonly emerge from one’s gums between the ages of 18 to 20. As human jaws have contracted due to evolution, wisdom teeth often lack space for proper alignment and need to be extracted. Otherwise, their crowded growth may lead to infection, tooth decay and intense pain; thus, we often recommend removing wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Typically, the procedure takes place during a single appointment. A dentist will first ask about your medical history and discuss the procedure with you. Before wisdom tooth surgery starts, you will be given a local anesthetic; for your comfort, the dentist will apply a numbing gel to your gum. The procedure will only start after your mouth is fully frozen. Throughout the operation, you will not feel any pain — just a little bit of pressure when the dentist extracts the teeth.

Recovery after wisdom tooth removal usually takes 2–4 days. Your dentist will provide comprehensive post-operative instructions on certain dos and don’ts.

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction

The procedure’s price varies and depends on the type of surgery you need:

  • Simple extraction is the cheapest option; the dentist simply removes a tooth with a pair of forceps.
  • Complicated extraction requires more effort: the dentist raises a gum flap, cuts the tooth into pieces, removes them, and stitches the gum up.
  • Impacted extraction is the most complex form of wisdom tooth removal; it occurs when wisdom teeth are jammed behind other molars and/or nerves, or a sinus is situated nearby.

Overall, the price of extracting a wisdom tooth usually starts at around $260–270 but may be as high as $550–560. This being said, dental insurance often covers most – if not all – of the procedure’s cost.

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